Mister Wallop of BQA for Sale!!

Black Queen Angus Farm, LLC is proud to announce the silent auction of Mister Wallop of BQA, AAA reg# 16380177  

 at the Grassfed Exchange Conference in Perry, GA next week! www.grassfedexchange.com

The auction takes place from April 27 – 29, ending at 11:00 am on the 29th. Attendees of the conference can place bids on a sheet located at Wallop’s pen in the live animal exhibition barn. The opening bid is $6,000.00 US. Minimum of $100.00 increments to bid up.

Wallop sells full possession and 50% Semen rights. He is under contract to be marketed by Sustainable Genetics, LLC, www.sustainablegenetics.com.

If you can’t make it to the Grassfed Exchange, please contact me at morgan@blackqueenangus.com or (413) 358-8435 to place a bid.

Pictured is Wallop’s dam at 9 years of age and near to calving with her 7th calf. Photo by Morgan Hartman, 4/16/2016.

Every Great Bull has a Great Cow Behind Him

I’ve shown you photos of Mr Wallop of BQA. Here he is. Along with him are his dam, age 9, and his maternal grand dam, age 14.  While his grand dam, Octoraro Miss Wix 208, reg# 14312877, has a high tail set, everything else about her is solid. She has calved every year for 12 years with a 372 day calving interval. Her udder is great, and she has a fantastic disposition.

Wallop’s dam, Miss Wix 1 of Black Queen, reg# 15706438, has a better tail set than her dam, a 369 day calving interval on 7 calves, better WR than her dam and every bit as good an udder and disposition.

Maternal efficiency is hard wired into Mr. Wallop. 

Come see him at the Grassfed Exchange in Perry, GA April 27-29, 2016. www.grassfedexchange.com