About Morgan

With an education and experience in landscape design and plant science as well as a penchant for eating well I came to farming as the epitome of participating in the world.

I believe in building connections at the personal level that evolve into a broader sense of community.

While I raise and sell grass-fed beef and Registered Angus breeding stock, the real focus of Black Queen Angus Farm is in the holistic development of healthy soils, plants, animals and people. By building soils through the use of Holistic Planned Grazing I incorporate a decision making process that looks at a triple bottom line; financial, social, and environmental.

No single lens of the three trumps the other two in any given situation. I believe this broader approach allows for healthier relationships with the people in my life, my environment, and ultimately makes for a stronger business.

At the end of the day having a strong sense of personal integrity and dignity is achieved through participating as a right-sized member of the world; not the greatest nor the least, simply somewhere in the middle. Acting as a steward of the resources at hand as opposed to an owner of those resources is a freeing position from which to build relationships.

Grassfed Innovative Producer of the Year, 2014

Grassfed Exchange Conference

This award honors an innovative seedstock producer or finisher of grass-finished beef. This award recognizes a grass-roots producer that has employed innovative techniques, improved the genetics of grass finishing cattle and/or has become an expert in the art of grass finishing cattle. Additionally, the producer has a documented track record of dedicated environmental stewardship.