Beral of Wye

UMF 9288 our senior herd sire.
DOB 1/29/06
Registration Number 15600072.

Semen available at Sustainable Genetics, LLC.  Beral is a guaranteed calving ease sire whose progeny grow well and produce excellent carcasses in our forage-only, 100% GRASS-FED BEEF program.  Likewise, Beral’s daughters are shaping up to be the beautiful uddered, good footed, highly fertile  cows his pedigree said he would produce.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

As you know, we held an online auction last July on the Sustainable Genetics website in order to sell full possession and 50% semen interest in Beral.

Beral sold to Pharo Cattle Company, Cheyenne Wells, Co. PCC has sold a number of bull calves sired by Beral of Wye UMF 9288 and those calves have been near the top for average prices brought.  Why? Beral’s progeny bring fleshing ease, structural correctness, fertility, and excellent dispositions to the forefront.

Thank you to Kit Pharo for his interest in and purchase of Beral of Wye UMF 9288 in our online auction through Sustainable Genetics, LLC.  We will continue to have semen available through or you can contact Pharo Cattle Company.

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