Fall Grazing

Here it is, Columbus Day Weekend. We have a frost advisory for tonight though it’s not a hard freeze warning. Still, that nip is in the air and it’s only a matter of maybe a week or two before we get that real hard freeze that stops our forage growth.

In the photos you’ll see a recently purchased group of cattle with their late summer calves. As soon as our herd bull, H A R Pinebank 708 211 was pulled from the main cow herd, he went in with these gals. Based on activity, I believe these cows are bred back for early summer calving and next year they’ll be caught back up with the rest of the herd for late April and May calving.

Our 211 bull is pictured here. He’s a long three year old. These aren’t the best photos of 211, but I’m hoping you blame the photographer and not the bull.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting photos of calves by 211.


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